Who We Are

ReCosmo is a combination of researchers, directors, doctors and manufacturers, with years of experience in the medical aesthetic industry from around the world. Our talented and innovative groups are continuously studying, designing and developing new products, and are currently developing cutting edge products for the aesthetic market.

ReCosmo is involved in innovative design, manufacturing and distributing a full range of Medical cosmetics for this highly regulated industry. Our number one objective is to manufacture and offer high quality products without any compromise.

What We Offer?

Botulinum Toxin Type A

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Dermal Fillers

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Professional Cosmetics

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What Customers say...

“I am very delighted to say that after 5 days of Essederm injection I look normal, younger and everybody now tells me I look 5 years younger…”
Mike Simon 44 years old
“I had small lines on my neck & my doctor told me Essederm Thin is the only cross linked injection, which is thin enough for that location, guess now line
Rebecca Jones 37 years old:
“How do I even begin the difference about the Essederm injection made in my life, only in 15 minutes my look changed...”
Sam Falk 42 years old
"The Essederm injection was a life changing event for me. Prior to the injection, I looked old, now I am happy and look sharp….”
Sabrina Duello 55 Years old
"After I had Essederm Subline correction, Right the way I just noticed the difference. It was amazing because before I was very depressed because of my look, but now I am a happier person…”
Tatiana Korolev 38 Year old
“I have done series of injection before but Essederm is something else…”
Naomi Sandoz 31 Years old
“After Essederm Deep injection I only trust Essederm now….”
Gina Wolfsburg 45 Years old

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