Lip Volume

Lip Volume

Lip volume is an advance lip treatment that dramatically plumps lips, diminishes fine line and defines lip contours
for a lush, youthful appearance.

Today, a beautiful perfectly-shaped mouth is regarded as an expression of a harmonious personality. However, a degradation of the collagen fibers in this area already begins to take place at an early age. The consequences of this are
loss of lip contour and the formation of wrinkles.

Lip Volume counteracts this process with the help of lipopeptides. When regularly used, it plumps up the lips and restores the lip contour.

A pain free alternative to cosmetic surgery and collagen. Lip Volume is a clear gel serum that will plump, define and contour your lips, enhancing the moisture and their natural, rosy look with proven, long lasting results. Apply 3 or more times a day, under your lipstick or simply on its own. The effects are noticeable immediately with full results after 30 days of treatment. What’s more, as your lips increase in size, the stimulation of your own collagen synthesis will ensure they look absolutely natural!

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