Weight Control

Weight Control

Medexall HCG action
Is a super food supplement which helps you control and lose weight as desired!
Our weight control products are made from the best raw materials and ingredients. Along with long term studies and a proven track record nobisT helps you control your weight and weight loss.
The medicinal ingredients in our products were carefully chosen after a complete study by doctors and nutritionists. Plus nobisT manufactured under state of the art unique and sophisticated technology to ensure safety and effectiveness. nobisT will help you suppress your appetite in order to maintain control over your diet without using hormones or chemicals (unlike other weight loss products) and here is why:

• It’s made from natural ingredients without any additives or preservatives
• It’s considered safe when used in accordance with directions
• It suppresses excessive appetite & hunger
• It helps with low energy and fatigue
• It can be used safely with other forms of treatment
• It’s easy to use.
• It is non-invasive.
• It’s relatively affordable.


Below are some of the ingredients that we used in Medexall HCG action (nobisT):

Rhamnus Frangula

Used medicinally to cleanse and relieve constipation. This ingredient cleanses your system and gives you the kick start you need to succeed.

Fucus vesiculosus

The perfect source of minerals for your body. The most important of which is Iodine.
This is essential for to the proper function of the thyroid gland.

Kali Iodatum (Potassium Iodide)

Used mainly as a nutritional supplement in the diet. This increases your energy
and allows you to function properly while you are on diet.



Increases basal metabolic rate. Affects protein synthesis this regulates protein.
fat. vitamin and carbohydrate metabolism affecting how cells use energetic compounds.

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